Wed Mar 14 2018 #bigcreep #verizon

Verizon's Relentless Campaign to Convince Subscribers to Volunteer to be Surveilled

Verizon’s marketing campaign to convince its subscribers to sign up for Verizon Up seems relentless. They’ve sent me push notifications on multiple devices. They’ve emailed me until I unsubscribed from their emails. They’ve shown me ads on their web site. The Verizon Cloud app repeatedly insisted I commit to Up until I finally blocked the app itself (hope it doesn’t need to notify me about anything useful!)

I’ve complained to Verizon through social media about this. They politely suggested I check my privacy settings on their web site. I did that, twice. I’ve de-selected anything that looked remotely like promotions or advertising.

So of course, this week, they texted me again. I’m out of patience for this anti-customer Up garbage. I do not want Verizon analyzing my communications for their commercial benefit. They’re not allowed to do that unless I give permission, I do not give it, and asking me two or three times a week isn’t going to change my mind.

I called customer service and politely demanded a credit. I was going to ask for $100 but the rep offered $25 without giving me any resistance at all. I took the $25, because the real point isn’t to get anything for free, but to log the complaint.

When Verizon’s reps issue credits, they have to note why they did it. If you’re like me, and frustrated with Verizon Up being shoved in your face, please; call Verizon, complain, and demand a credit.

I’ve been a customer of Verizon Wireless since 2001.

I’m going to look into T-Mobile soon.

Update: even after that customer service interaction, I continue to get on-device notifications trying to coax me into Up. I blocked the “My Verizon” app and complained again, but did not request another bill credit.

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